Ambient Scenting For Florida Restaurants And Nightclubs

Ambient air care is vital to any retail and commercial businesses because it serves to implant memorable experiences and associations in the minds of customers that often results in a steady increase of traffic and the establishment of meaningful brand loyalty.

This statement is reinforced by significant research, which indicates that at least 63% of consumers have chosen one brand over another due to to the influence of a pleasant lingering scent.

Selecting a scent for a restaurant or nightclub is an art form in and of itself.

It requires a unique expertise by masters, such as our ambient aroma specialists at Essential Air Care (EAC), because the proper scent must reflect the general mood of clientele and whether they would prefer to relax or let it all hang loose, so to speak, or a combination of both.

Scent Diffusion For Florida Restaurants

Relevant Studies And Statistics

According to one survey, the use of scent in bars and restaurants increased sales by 40%. Even without ambient scenting, the aroma of good food has the power to stimulate appetites and make hungry mouths water.

In decades past, scent was used to conceal (but not eliminate) smoke and other unpleasant smells such as body odors and stale beer.

To compound the issue, ever since the smoking ban was inaugurated in restaurants, bars, and clubs, undesirable smells that were previously masked by cigarette smoke became even more noticeable. 

A recent German study conducted at the University of Paderborn in western Germany concluded that the right food smells can influence food sales up to 300 percent and increase impulse buying by 6%, buying intention by 14.8% and customer lingering time by 15%.

Still another study revealed that restaurant patrons spent 15% more time and 20% more money in a scented restaurant as oppose to an unscented one.

Ambient Scent Diffusion In South Florida

No matter what the industry, ambient air care in south Florida has its own set of challenges due to its weather system, which generates more rainfall than that found in extratropical climes, thus creating unpleasant odors associated with moisture.

Commercially speaking, this translates into a dire need for our air-freshening, which are prevalent throughout all of South Florida.

We are also dedicated to the elimination of malodors, which are far more persistent in extreme temperatures.

Scenting For South Florida Restaurants

The smell of good food in combination with a signature aroma wafting throughout a room is always a draw to hungry customers.

Scent is an effective way to reduce (but not eliminate) smoke and other unpleasant smells, like body odors and stale beer.

Many industries use scent to differentiate themselves from their competitors, increase return traffic and boost their bottom line, but each type of business demands its own considerations and signature style.

Restaurants and nightclubs are creating memories with scent as well as any other business, but the difference lies in the purpose of their linger time.

In the case of restaurants, a chosen scent will link the food being offered to create a mental association between the two.

It is not geared to encourage shopping for products per se, but is more connected to ambient scents scents that will blend to create a unique, multi-sensory experience with either the type of food or the entertainment being offered.

Our Commercial Service Plan offers South Florida restaurants and nightclubs operating within areas extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades, and Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach counties a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment.

We provide superior, cutting-edge systems with odor control technology via Metazene®; outstanding customer service and cutting edge odor control systems with more than 30 diverse and eco-friendly fragrances.

Scenting for South Florida Nightclubs

Ambient scenting in nightclubs differs in purpose from other settings because shopping is not its primary focus or motivation. Unlike retail, where the draw is exclusively product sales, nightclub purchases involve drinks and amenities.

A nightclub wishing to stand out among its competitors can draw clientele to its location, increase sales and invoke feelings of both comfort and relaxation with the careful selection and application of an appropriate scent.

Scent Diffusion Florida Restaurants Nightclubs

The goal is to subtly influence how long a clubber may linger about and perceive the passage of time. Combinations of lights and sounds create an ambiance, but it is the introduction of scent that completes the nightclub experience and seals it into memory.

Fragrances developed by Essential air Care for nightclubs must always correlate with surrounding lights and music in order to fuse into a seamless, multi-sensory encounter when entering the front of the “house”.

The Subtle Power of Aroma Jockeying

Some innovative nightclubs are harnessing the power of scent with a very simple yet little explored concept known as aroma jockeying.

Disc jockeys satisfy our sense of hearing, while aroma jockeys are defined as perfumers or olfactory artists who translate music into scent during live events such as concerts, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

A term first coined in 2002 by Austrian born graphic designer and book illustrator, Erich Berghammer. He based the term on his belief that the lasting appeal of any nightclub audience lies within the cloud of a pleasant scent. 

It became a new word in the Dutch language back in 2006. In Berghammer’s own words: “My greatest inspiration was that scent was an ignored medium, and only a few creative minds would consider it as an area of artistic expression. I started by designing three scents for a concert. I recall the moment when two friends and I smelled the scents with music in perfect harmony for the very first time, and then I knew that fragrance would be my future medium.”

Aroma jockeying requires planning and preparation before the nightclub show begins. An analysis of all the music that is scheduled is carefully matched to fragrances that match the mood of the music.

For example, an energizing up beat track could include mint facets and a happy tune might be best accompanied by floral facets.

A live band eliminates guess work, as the music in their sets are always decided ahead of time. Still, a good aroma jockey might alter the set to suit an unexpected audience.

In a way, an aroma jockey is a “sense director,” at work developing a dynamic, multi-sensory script, blending various ambient fragrances in multiple areas, such as entryways, VIP areas, dance floors, lounge areas, elevators and other spaces.

Relevant Studies

People go to nightclubs to have fun, unwind and relax.

This factor has to be carefully considered because an executive decision must be made as to whether a chosen fragrance should stimulate or relax patrons.

Through the careful selection and application of an appropriate scent created by the leading ambient air-care providers at Essential Air Care, the average nightclub can expect to see an increase in the sale of drinks and amenities. 

Eric Spangenberg of Washington State University performed several studies on the power of ambient scenting in commercial settings and concluded: “You need that critical je ne sais quoi known as “congruity” – how well an aroma fits the environment where it is used. People need to be cognizant of the possible effects of making it incorrect.”

Creating the right fragrance for the right space is an art form that is best left to the experts, such as the master ambient air care providers at Essential Air Care (EAC).

The Odor Neutralizing Wonders of Metazene

Although many may not realize it, eliminating bad odors from smoke, bathroom or trash is as much of an art form as creating scents.

Our exclusive product, Metazene, which is a vapor-phase, odor-neutralizing additive that can be combined with any chosen scent application to effectively destroy any and all airborne odors, is a powerful way to maintain either no scent all or a pleasant flow of fragrance everywhere at all times.

Some Popular Fragrances For Restaurants And Nightclubs

The following is a partial list of some favored Essential Air Care fragrances suitable for nightclubs and restaurants. They all work well with Aroma One Diffusers.

Genoa Lemon Diffuser Oil

Streaming with the citrus sparkle of fresh clean lemon and succulent, juicy orange, the head notes of this delightful diffuser oil soon fold into a glorious heart note bouquet marked by sugary, creamy and rich magnolia blossom and floral, lustrous neroli.

This beguiling scent completes with an elusive dry down characterized by mildly sweet twiggy green and amber-nuanced, fruity and waxy sweet white musk.

Twisted Apple Diffuser Oil

Top notes flow with the unmistakable crisp aroma of a green apple’s waxy skin melded with aspects of a juicy, woody ripe apple.

These facets soon seamlessly drift into a fruity heart note bursting with elements of velvety, aromatic peach and succulent, peach-like plum.

A balanced, enduring dry down of amber-nuanced, waxy and aromatic sweet musk completes this unforgettable scent.

White Tea And Thyme Diffuser Oil

Crackling, woody and sparkling in character, this Asian fragrance relates directly to aromas associated with the burning of incense.

Top notes of potent herbs soften the  floral, herbal heart notes that soon follow.

These feature soft, smooth and clean white tea, deeply sensual and haunting night blooming jasmine, dreamy, musky rose petal and earthy nutty sage.

A potent dry down of spicy and unexpectedly leathery thyme, warm, bright lily pad, dark, rich amber and woody, dry and balsamic cedar complete this scent.

Call Essential Air Care For All Of Your Scenting Needs!

We are leading ambient air care company, with roots that date back to 1973, when we were originally a division of Ellison Service Corporation.

We are a purveyor of professional air freshening, scenting and odor-control services for facilities and businesses throughout the Southeastern Florida region.

Some of these include but are not limited to: restaurants, nightclubs, theaters; beauty salons; airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; veterinary clinics; government buildings; retail stores; nursing homes; and office buildings to name a few.

If you are a South Florida restaurant or nightclub owner or manager seeking to increase that all important bottom line, contact our teams at Essential Air Care today.

We’re here to help!

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