Scenting For Florida Wedding Halls & Entertainment Venues

In some ways, the focus of ambient air care for all businesses is the same because at the heart of any commercial agenda is the intent to attract customers and expand brand loyalty. However, that’s where the similarity ends.

The scenting needs of larger venues, such as Disney World, and South Florida expos, trade shows, live concerts, outdoor music festivals; circuses, weddings and banquets can only be met if they can manage to mirror a specific concept, and render a layer of mystery without dominating a setting.

Scenting Florida Wedding Entertainment Venues

Meaningful experiences are always a dazzling amalgam of multi sensory factors. Ambient scent branding goes so much farther than conventional modes of advertising.

Marketing studies indicate that 75% of all human emotions are triggered by smell, which is linked to pleasure, well being, emotion and memory. As such, scent has a measurable impact on the emotional states, moods and behaviors of consumers.

In larger venues, this concept translates into powerful, unforgettable associations that survive deep within the mind’s all-seeing eye.

Entertainment events cover any form of circus or carnival, stage play, variety show, concert, magic, puppet or mime show, pageant, musical or similar type of public venue.

Fragrances for live shows such as these present a specific challenge because attendance is, simultaneously, both a shared and personal experience.

At its heart, strangers gather to breathe in that unique vibe and feel the dynamic pulse of that venue, whatever it may be.

The scent must envelop both the expectation of entertainment, and the infusion of a new dimension of wonder. It is that intangible “wow” factor that links, captivates and engages large audiences.

Scenting For Florida Trade Shows

When a large group of vendors gather under one roof at the same time, no matter what product or service they may be selling, their goals are always focused on showcasing a brand and creating a lasting impression to all those who pass their booth.

Vendors are forced to think outside that proverbial box in order discover new avenues to connect the potential consumer with whatever they are selling.

Ambient Scenting Florida Expos

While flyers and free samples all have their place at trade shows, there is no weapon in a vendor’s arsenal that creates a more lasting impression than a strategically placed Essential Air Care fragrance.

This is especially true if many of the products featured are similar in nature to one another. A distinct scent cuts through the competition, improves brand perception and welcomes interaction.

Large Wedding Halls Venues and Ambient Scenting

Perhaps the least explored venue for ambient scenting to date, large weddings require a sophisticated layering of fragrance that mirrors the joy and harmony of the occasion.

Modern weddings are more and more focused on the utilization of fragrance to unify the feelings of those in attendance.

The beauty of a scented wedding lis in the fact that it can be anything within the realm of possibility ranging from the bold to the understated.

It adds an entirely new dimension to the experience and transforms it into an unforgettable olfactory narrative.

Scented Weddings

Infusing large weddings with a particular fragrance permeates the recall of all the images and sounds associated with that special day. 

HVAC diffusers, such as The Aroma Stylers, which is a dry vapor system, is a superior vehicle for strategic scenting in spaces up to 50,000 cubic feet.

But ambient scenting for large weddings doesn’t have to stop there.

It can be creatively applied to “gifting” the wedding fragrance to all guests by scenting the invitations and save-the-date-cards, mini candles or perfume bottle wedding favors or the placement of tea lights on each table.

Ambient Scenting Services For Live Concerts

Ambient scenting and live performances have always been linked, whether intentional or otherwise. This is due to the fact that malodors at large open events are inevitable.

We offer powerful scenting solutions to add just the right touch to live concerts and other outdoor events as well.

Stimulating but never overpowering, HVAC diffuser systems via their cold air diffusion technology allow for the seamless circulation of scent in order to provide a more enveloping, inviting and memorable multi-sensory experience. 

Tourist Attractions And Ambient Scenting

It has only been in recent years that tourist attractions have begun to benefit from adding scent to their overall appeal. Sights, sounds and physical experiences can be astounding and captivating to the whims and vagaries of tourists, but the unexpected infusion of scent adds another unforgettable and deep echelon to the multi sensory experience.

Theme parks and venues like Disney World particularly, are specialists in scent-induced nostalgia, and all of their attractions become enmeshed in memory because of the carefully chosen fragrances that lovingly embrace all their exhibits.

Immersive, themed attractions deepen experiences with technologies that add new tiers of sensory stimulation. They represent complex, olfactory carpet rides to realms mystical and unknown.

Connecting human instinct to surroundings with scent is no easy task, and themed environments are specially designed to convey this concept and blur the lines between fantasy and reality, albeit for a short time.

Essential Air Care And Scenting In Southern Florida

The excessive heat of southern Florida offers unique and specific challenges when it comes to scenting large entertainment venues of all types.

Malodors in this specific region are much more potent and persistent than in other parts of the state. This is due to its warm core weather system that is delightful to bask in but sometimes problematic to deal with on practical basis.

This biome brings with it terrible storms, hurricanes and extreme, unrelenting heat, which can be hazardous both to human health and to industrial and commercial spaces of all kinds.

Excessive heat can cause dehydration, stroke and negatively affect cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In addition, rain occurs more frequently in southern Florida than in other regions of the “Sunshine State” For innovative ambient air care companies, this means there is a greater need for air-freshening and deodorizing services because the higher the temperatures, the more bacteria are free to flourish.

One unsettling study that was published in the journal, PLOS, revealed that odor-causing molecules generate more energy when outdoor temperatures soar.

They require this burst of vitality in order to transition into a gas phase, whether the molecules are liquid or solid.

Excessive heat is the perfect vehicle for this transition, which results in a frightening increase in malodorous molecule production.

Serving South Florida businesses since 1973, also under the name Ellison Service corporation, our territory coverage extend from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades. The counties they serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

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Below are three favored scents we employ for scenting larger entertainment venues, but of course, we offer many many more.

Santal Diffuser Oil

A magical, mystical amalgam of facets that are almost nameless and yet everywhere about.

This luxurious, bold and exotic formulation seamlessly transports deep into the dark, primeval forests of the night and into the crackling heart of a warm open fire. 

This stunning mosaic includes an additional dimension of smoky woody papyrus to the formulation, which folds into a balanced dry down of slightly sugary, pungent and woody cardamon and erotic musk.


This energizing fragrance streams with top notes of uplifting grapefruit, fresh, clean  lemon and sharp lime.

These facets soon surrender to a herbal/floral heart of woody, aromatic rosemary, spicy, green basil, minty eucalyptus, creamy gardenia, bright, fiery carnation and sweet, night blooming jasmine.

These aspects meld into a dry down marked by earthy patchouli, warm, dark amber, sugary, green Douglas fir and musky base-note.


Developed in 2014, this state-of-the-art white flower bouquet fragrance is a sophisticated, musky, warm and spicy blend that streams with opening head notes of sharp, uplifting grapefruit, fresh, clean lemon, and crisp apple.

These facets drift into an aromatic heart note featuring musky, dreamy rose, narcotic and intense jasmine, strong, creamy and exciting tuberose, delicate and feminine lily-of-the-valley and buttery, smooth gardenia.

A dry down of dark, rich and honeyed honey-like amber and sun-dried, ozonic driftwood complete this complex fragrance.

In Conclusion

If you are the owner or manager of any type of large venue operating in southern Florida, call our teams today and explore the many delightful scenting possibilities they have to offer!

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