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Formally Ellison Service Corporation and founded in 1980, Essential Air Care specializes in addressing the provision of professional, high-quality air-freshening and odor-control services and products for facilities and businesses all throughout the Southeastern Florida region. These include but are not limited to: airports, fitness centers, recreation facilities, government buildings, condominium complexes, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, reception areas, theaters and more.

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Market-Leading Air Freshening & Odor Control Systems

With thousands of air freshener installations covering an endless amount of square feet throughout South Florida, we are recognized as a renowned leader in highly-effective, convenient and affordable air freshener and odor control systems for applications in commercial, institutional and industrial environments throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade, Brevard, Glades, Hendry, Indian River, Martin and Okeechobee Counties.


Essential Air Care – South Florida’s Friendliest Air Care Company

Essential Air Care’s (aka EAC) existence represents a milestone in successful companies managed by driven and determined women; namely, Hayley Zlotnik (pictured centered below), and a highly experienced team of scenting experts, including Kevin Gilmore, Debra Lower, Leroy Perry and others. We specialize in addressing the provision of professional, high quality air-freshening and odor-control services and products for facilities and businesses all throughout the Southeastern Florida region.

Hayley Zlotnik Essential Air Care

A Family Brings 7 Decades Of Air Care Experience!

A true family operation for four generations, Hayley comes from a long line of air care specialists.

Founder, president and CEO of Alpha Aromatics, Arnold Zlotnik has spent the last forty plus years within the fragrance and air-care industry. He has dedicated his life to nurturing and developing this company into the global leader it has become within the modern perfume industry. He also was the founding father and largest share-holder of Aromatech, which he later sold and which is now known as Agilex Fragrances. 

Today, thanks to his creative passion, loving touch and dedicated staff, the range of designer fragrance compositions accommodate the ambient branding demands of a myriad of diverse industries that include in addition to soap and skin care applications, the production of candles and diffusers, fragrances for the home, odor neutralizers, private label brands, industrial air fresheners, household cleaning products and fine, customized perfumes.

But Hayley’s Father isn’t the only one with a nose for scenting. Hayley’s Grandparents, Mimie Zlotnik along with her husband Milton, developed the very first fan-operated air freshener service route in Pittsburgh, PA in 1948, providing commercial locations throughout all of Allegheny County high-quality odor control and air care products and services for years. In fact, this company, Air-Scent International, is still in operation today!

Hayley now brings decades of generational experience to south Florida, providing the same superior performance air freshener services her family has provided for generations.

Hayley Zlotnik And Mimi Zlotnik

But there’s more — Hayley’s Great uncle, Bob Surloff, actually invented the very first fan air freshener, with the original prototype handmade by her Great Grandfather, Harry Surloff, both of whom were the founding members of Surco Products.

In her father’s own words: “At 16, Hayley began working in our plant production operation doing assembly work, then moved into office filing and answering the switchboard. She eventually moved into perfumery and our fragrance production department, managing the creation of samples among other duties. Eventually, in 2014, she joined our local Pittsburgh route service division in performance operations, inventory and later sales, all in an attempt to learn every aspect of the business.

Her superior sense of smell in fragrance design and development, combined with her cordial personality, helpful, non-flamboyant nature and determined spirit, make her the epitome of the accomplished business woman of today. 

Essential Air Care may be new to the burgeoning female owned business landscape, but it is here to stay. If you are the owner or manager of a business in southern Florida seeking to increase traffic and customer loyalty, call Essential Air Care today!  We’re here to help!   (561) 588-2114

The Importance Of Odor Control Services in South Florida

Industrial and institutional odor control products consistently demonstrate strong growth in the modern market place. According to Kline reports, products relating to odor control, air fresheners and odor eliminators are widely used by cleaning professionals to improve both the level of cleanliness and the appearance of facilities.

This involves eliminating (rather than masking) prevalent odors, and boils down to four basic principles; namely, using an effective odor control product, such as our patented, vaporous odor-neutralizing additive, Metazene, along with our popular, highly-effective air freshener diffusers and premium fragrance options.

But Metazene is just one of a number of reasons more and more South Florida businesses turn to us for their air freshener and odor control needs, namely:

  1. We offer stellar, reliable, personal monthly service;
  2. We have the most extensive line of superior air care diffusers;
  3. We utilize the most effective odor neutralizing additives;
  4. We have the most extensive fragrance options;
  5. Our services are cost effective;
  6. Friendly efficient service is a hallmark of Essential Air Care!

How Can Ambient Scenting Enhance Your Florida Business?

Ambient scenting, also known as scent marketing, can have a myriad of positive effects for commercial businesses. According to Air-Scent International, “the bottom line benefits of scent marketing include: improve brand recognition, improve guest experiences, make your brand unforgettable, extend the time customers linger, attract new customers, create heightened value perception, encourage repeat business, increase sales, inspire brand loyalty, affect performance in the workplace and counteract malodors”

Watch the below video for more on scent marketing in your establishment, or contact our team today for a free estimate period — (561) 588-2114


“In 2015, hotels spent an estimated $300 million in the scent branding industry..”

Impressive numbers, and experts claim the hotel scent branding industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2015 to 2020.

Bloomberg, Scent Branding 101


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