Why South Florida Hospitals Love Our Air Freshener Services

Why do hospitals and medical facilities throughout all of Southern Florida increasingly utilize our odor control and air freshener services?

Well, there’s a myriad of reasons, namely:

  1. We offer stellar, reliable, personal monthly service;
  2. We have the most extensive line of superior air care diffusers; 
  3. We utilize the most effective odor neutralizing additives;
  4. We have the most extensive fragrance options;
  5. We offer convenient cost effective air freshener service plans;
  6. Friendly efficient service is a hallmark of Essential Air Care!

Continue on to learn more about the need for ambient air freshener services within hospitals, how they benefit these environments and, more importantly, why more and more South Floridian hospital managers are turning to Essential Air Care (EAC) to eliminate odors and improve the ambience within their establishments!

The Necessity for Air Freshener Services In Hospitals

Environmental ambient scenting is vital in hospital settings for a myriad of reasons. 

First and foremost, the cleanliness of any facility and particularly hospitals, is always linked to its perceived quality in the eyes of patients, staff and visitors.

The use of scent in the various sectors of the healthcare industry has been widely recognized for its ability to improve how patients feel by having a positive effect on perceptions of service quality, cleanliness, and personal wellness.

Other benefits include: stress reduction, better care through encouraging important diagnostic testing, malodor remediation and a more energetic and motivated medical staff.

Fragrance To Quell Anxiety Hospitals

Healthcare facilities including: birth centers; clinics and medical offices; outpatient / urgent care and surgical facilities; blood banks; dialysis centers; hospice homes and mental health /addiction treatment centers are prone to human malodors, as well as odors from antiseptics and other sources.

Different areas of any hospital are likely to have distinct and not so subtle malodors. 

Upon just taking one step inside, there is an immediate olfactory profile that assaults the nostrils.

Some disinfectants contain ingredients often found in industrial cleaners, leaving an unpleasant residue after application.

On patient floors, the impact is more potent and highly diverse. 

Bodily fluids and fecal matter can overwhelm significant areas of hallways, and smells from patients with severe infections can be nauseating.

Controlling smells is a constant challenge in healthcare and one that is carefully and effectively addressed by the experts at Essential Air Care (EAC).

Florida Hospital Odor Control

When a patient or visitor is met with malodors, it can permanently imprint a negative first impression that will dominate the remainder of their experience. 

Reputation, customer satisfaction scores, and repeat visits can all be negatively impacted by bad odor complaints.

While hospital management is often focused on cleanliness, smell is sometimes not considered the priority it should be, especially in transient areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, emergency rooms, stairwells and restrooms to name a few.

According to a study conducted by GP PRO entitled: “Inside the Stall Research,” bathroom odor continues to be the number two reason for public restroom dissatisfaction.

Hospital management must closely monitor every aspect of the patient experience ranging from the moment of check-in to the cleanliness of all hospital sectors.

These include: stress reduction, malodor remediation and a more energetic and motivated environmental services staff.

All of this underscores how first impressions are critical to any health care facility, and why professional help is needed by the best ambient scenting provider there is in southern Florida; namely Essential Air Care.

Who Exactly Is Essential Air Care?

Formerly known as Ellison ‘Sani-Air’ Service Corporation, which has been the premier air freshening company in South Florida for nearly 50 years, Essential Air Care is now headed by Hayley Zlotnik and EAC’s long-standing, highly experienced team of scenting experts, including Kevin Gilmore, Debra Lower, Leroy Perry and others

The Essential Air Care merger with the already established Air Scent Services of Southern Florida represents a business plan focused on enhancing their established line of superior indoor air care products that enhance, freshen and renew ambient air.


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What Are The Benefits Of Ambient Scent In Hospitals?

There are numerous scientific studies that have examined the effects of a pleasant scent in medical settings. 

One such study utilized the fragrance of vanilla while patients were undergoing an MRI scan for cancer. 

Patients experienced 63% less anxiety during the procedure when the scent was used compared to without scent.

Even more, malodors in hospitals and other health-related facilities will always present their own unique challenges.

Cleaning agents, medications, gastro intestinal bleeding (which has been ranked among the worst odor in any hospital) and medical supplies all come with their own unique smells. 

For doctors, nurses, technicians and other staff, the odors of a hospital are a huge part of their day-to-day lives.

Essential Air Care can help alleviate these unpleasant smells and positively improve hospital and health care facility experiences.

Air Care Services In Hospitals

6 Reasons Why South Florida Hospitals Turn To EAC

The following represents aspects of our Commercial Service Plan and some of its unique offering to its many satisfied customers.

We Offer Stellar, Reliable Personal Service

Our service includes the installation, maintenance and ongoing adjustment of the selected air freshening diffusers by one of our personable technicians on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending up what’s needed.

We Provide The Most Effective Air Diffuser Systems

Our array of scent delivery systems offer many options and aroma choices that are guaranteed to provide a fresh and clean odor-neutralized atmosphere.

We Provide The Very Best In Odor Control Technology

All our our fragrance refills contain Metazene, a vaporous, odorless, neutralizing additive.

Metazene runs rings around conventional air freshener sprays that merely mask odors from smoking, stale food, humans and all types off chemical and industrial malodors.

The Metazene vapor particles bond with the heavier, malodorous molecules in the air and force a chemical alteration of their electron patterns, which eliminates them.

This highly-effective dual action neutralizing method is proven to control unpleasant indoor odors, which makes it ideal for use in hospitals and all types of medical care settings.

We Have The Most Extensive Fragrance Options

By virtue of the fact we are kith and kin with a manufacturing staple of the fragrance creation and ambient scent marketing industries, Alpha Aromatics, we have priority access to the most extensive collection of proven, field-tested ambient fragrances, all of which have been formulated to enhance any commercial environment or need.

Whether you want to soothe or calm patients or suggest a sense of clean through ambient scent, we have a fragrance to accomplish any goal.

Our Air Freshener Service Plans Are Cost Effective

Our service plans offer significant advantages over the cost of in-house maintenance of other air freshener units, which are often more expensive and inferior.

Friendly Efficient Service Is A Hallmark Of EAC!

Yes, we always do everything with a smile, and our technicians are happy to answer any questions our clients might have about odor remediation and ambient scent.

In Conclusion

If you own or operate a hospital anywhere throughout Southern Florida, or any type of commercial business such as a gym, restaurant, nursing home, fitness center, hotel or HOA Management company  to name a few, contact our teams today to see how we can improve the ambient scenting in your hospital or medical health facility!


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