Why Businesses Increasingly Use Our Air Freshener Services

We have one of the most diverse array of air freshener and odor control solutions to meet any commercial air freshening and odor control need throughout all of Southern Florida.

Our convenient cost effective professional service plans are increasingly utilized by business customers throughout all of Southeast Florida, from Melbourne to Homestead and West into the Glades. Serving Brevard, Broward, Miami Dade, Glades, Hendry, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and Palm Beach Counties.

South Florida Hospital Air Fresheners

Our Commercial Air Freshener Service Plan Provides:

  • High-caliber personal service by professionals every four weeks.
  • Superior odor control technology.
  • All service equipment installed and maintained by our service professionals.
  • Optimal delivery systems with the choice of thirty different fragrances that create a fresh and clean environment.
  • Your best value choice in odor control and air sanitizing service.
  • Attention to your needs by providing you with excellent customer service!


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Our Air Freshener Services Are Ideal For:

Airports Day Care Centers Pet Stores
Amusement Facilities Fitness Centers Recreation Facilities
Apartment Buildings Government Buildings Restaurants
Assisted Living Hospitals Retail Facilities
Auto Dealerships Hotels Schools
Auto Repair Facilities Kennels Sports Arenas
Churches Nursing Homes Taverns/Clubs
Country Clubs Office Buildings Theaters


Our Services Are Perfect For Following Areas:

Baby Changing Areas Hallways Patient Rooms
Break Rooms Hotel Rooms Physical Therapy Area
Cafeterias Laboratories Reception Areas
Conference Rooms Lobbies Retail Show Rooms
Doctors Lounges Locker Rooms Soiled Linen/Utility Rooms
Elevators Lunch Rooms Teacher Lounges
Employee Lounges Nurses Station/Lounges Waste Holding/Trash Rooms
Game/Rec Rooms Office Areas Weight/Exercise Rooms


Why a Commercial Service Plan Instead of Purchasing?

Our Commercial Service Plan offers significant savings over the cost of you purchasing and maintaining odor control and air sanitizing equipment.

Purchasing could actually result in costing you more as a result of:

  • Installation, maintaining, purchasing or replacing broken or worn parts.
  • Purchasing and storing of products that often are over-inventoried or over-looked and not used.
  • The enhancement of your environment can be lost if your units are not properly serviced on a timely and consistent periodic schedule.

Through our Commercial Service Plan we are able to provide you with quality protection, maintenance and worry free replenishment of our odor neutralizing air freshener systems. Our equipment is attractive, cost effective and offers the ability to change fragrances as needed.

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