Air Freshener Services For South Florida Condominiums

Why are more and more South Florida HOA property management companies, condominiums, co-ops and apartment complexes engaging with Essential Air Care for our air freshener and odor control services?

Well, there’s a myriad of reasons, the most important of which involves our superior scenting systems, our professional services, our mastery of vaporous odor control in Florida’s warmer climate and the fact we have the largest collection of aroma options to sate any ambient scenting desire for all-sized commercial settings.

But those are just a few!

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Florida HOA Condo Air Care

First Impressions: The Most Important Daily Life Element

Like other invisible things, fresh air is often taken for granted until the moment its quality changes and something odd smelling is suddenly somewhere near.

Customized, ambient scenting for South Florida condos and apartment complexes must meet manifold and far reaching needs that extend far beyond enhancing the ambiance of a lobby or reception area.

They include: hallways; entryways, hallways, foyers; lifestyle common areas; gyms and fitness areas; restrooms; elevators, public areas and trash rooms.

Condo Common Area Air Fresheners

For property management companies in general, ambient, fresh smelling air translates into many things concerning services and amenities.

For potential users, it is the foundation of that indelible first impression of a property, and for residents it symbolizes a tacit sense of trust and caring for those live within its folds.

Even more, for those living in condos in southern Florida, their needs are obviously more intense due to its tropical climate and torrid, sweltering summers; making the need for highly effective and subliminal vaporous odor control vitally important.

The problem is that most scenting companies only offer a limited range of effective air freshener, odor-control solutions and ambient fragrances.

This is, however, not the case with Essential Air Care (aka EAC).

Why? Because we offer significant savings on our effective scenting, odor-control and air-care services, and by virtue of the fact we are kith and kin with the leading perfumer manufacturing company, Alpha Aromatics, we have access to the largest fragrance options to suit any ambient scenting goal.

Even more, all of our products contain Metazene, one of the most effective vaporous odor neutralizing additives in the marketplace today, so there is no stubborn warmer-climate malodor that we can’t conquer!

Condo Gym Air Care Odor Control

Why Is Odor Control Vital In Warmer South Florida Climates?

Most of Florida is classified as a subtropical climate that is marked by extremely long, warm, humid summers and mild, cool winters.

The differences between the climate systems of north and central and southern Florida are significant.

The former is comprised of regions that have the characteristics of both extratropical and tropical systems and can be warm or cold core.

Tropical Climates Odors

Southern Florida, however, has a warm core tropical system, which means that it can only form over warm water.

There are no fronts associated with them, but they usually generate more rain than extratropical climes. 

This translates into a dire need for highly-effective air-freshening services that is far greater than other sections of the state.

Commercial Scenting Solutions & The Needs of South Floridians

Due to southern Florida’s extreme environment, our services are focused and highly specialized to freshen interiors and combat odors, which are more persistent in warmer temperatures.

We offer services via our cost-effective commercial service plan to businesses and facilities that are situated in southern Florida, extending north from Melbourne, south to Homestead and westward into the Glades.


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The counties we serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

We have been in continuous operation since the early 1970’s, speciality addresses the provisions of professional ambient scenting, odor-control services and air-freshening services for facilities and businesses throughout the Southeastern Florida.

Some of these include but are not limited to: airports; hospitals; nursing homes; fitness centers; recreation facilities; government buildings; restaurants; retail stores; office buildings; reception areas and theaters.

A Few Relevant Studies and Statistics

Over the course of the last few years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes, condos and apartment buildings can be even more polluted than outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

Current research addresses the fact that because so many people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, thus requiring the need for ambient scenting and odor control services.

The Essential Air Care Air Freshener Service Services Plan

Our commercial Air Freshener Service Plan also offers business managers and owners a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control, air-sanitizing equipment, but that’s just one of many benefits —

We Offer Superior Odor Control Technology

There are many odor neutralizers in the modern marketplace, and even though they all serve to counteract malodor, they are all different and some work better than others. However, none work as well or better than Metazene. 

This dual action, colorless additive neutralizes malodors at a molecular level via a chemical reaction that eradicates malodors permanently.

We Have Air Freshener Diffusers For Every Application

Regardless of size, every industrial and commercial setting demands an even balance of consistent, aromatic fragrance, which in turn requires sophisticated air diffusing technologies and systems, and we have them all.

From dry vapor scenting systems that can cover areas up to 50,000 cubic feet to cutting edge, innovative HVAC atomizing diffuser systems to fan air fresheners for smaller areas such as restrooms, we have equipment to meet any business need. 

We Provide Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated staff at EAC is always on hand to answer questions and help our clients with any issues they might have concerning their indoor air care challenges.

Friendly Personal Service Is Our Mantra

The connection between client and company is forged with careful attention and superior service. 

Our service plans offers both, and each and every client, whether large or small, is considered a valued member of our growing Essential Air Care family.

In Conclusion

If you own or manage a condo or Home Owners Association anywhere throughout all of southern Florida, consider contacting Essential Air Care for all your ambient scenting needs.

We’re always here to help you all the way!


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