Air Freshener Services For Florida Schools and Universities

All students everywhere bring their own unique strengths, challenges, passions, attitudes and collection of personal experiences to the hallowed halls of schools and universities.

In the case of children in elementary schools, more of their day is spent in school than at home, which relegates the importance of scent as a tool that triggers imagination, focus and attention.

A scenting program for any institute of learning must address the learning space in a universal sense, as a site of empowerment, well being and comfort.

The right fragrance can improve learning ability because of its intrinsic link to the section of the brain known as the limbic system that control emotion and memory.

Air Fresheners for Schools

Research indicates that a pleasant aroma in an educational facility fosters a wider perspective on surroundings.

Psychologically, fragrance connects teachers with their students, regardless of their age. Certain fragrances are known to refresh and energize, while others may act as antiseptics that combat dangerous germs and viral pathogens.

There are some fragrances facets that in general adapt well to a classroom environment.

Lavender releases tension and sets a mood that is conducive to learning. Citrus elements, particularly orange, lemon and grapefruit, serve to strengthen powers of concentration.

Cinnamon soothes nerves and reduces fatigue and peppermint improves concentration and memory and decreases anxiety levels.

General Areas For Scenting Schools And Universities

Malodors specific to schools and universities can arise from furniture, flooring, body odor, garbage, restroom and food smells.

Aroma oils with diffuser blends offered by Essential Air Care can help to promote a healthy learning environment.

Fragrance and Learning

There are many to choose from that can positively alter moods of both educators and students.

Lavender, is soothing and relaxing for students while citrus elements like lush orange, fresh, clean lemon and uplifting grapefruit improve energy and powers of concentration.

Cinnamon addresses fatigue and fortifies nerves while peppermint soothes and elevates students to a higher state of calm and concentration.

Scenting In South Florida Is Dependent on Weather Systems

This region of the nation has special needs when it comes to scenting and odor control that relate to its specific climactic conditions.

This sub-tropical biome features extremely long, streamy summers and mild cool winters, and it differs significantly even from the northern and central regions of the sunshine state, which are both extratropical and tropical weather systems that can be either warm or cold core.

Florida Odor Control Services

Southern Florida, however, has a warm core system, which means it can only develop over warm water. It has no boundaries (fronts) between hot and cold air masses, and there is more rainfall there than found in other regions.

This means that the need for air freshening and odor-combating services provided by Essential Air Care must be more powerful than anywhere else.

Their specific services are laser focused and customized to combat odors, which are more persistent and dangerous to students and faculty in schools and universities located in warmer temperatures.

Specific Facts About Heat And Bacteria

Scenting commercial and institutional spaces in South Florida is a fairly new phenomenon that dates back only about ten years.

Harsh and unrelenting temperatures in this region drastically increase the need for odor neutralization because the bacteria that cause the malodors multiply at rapid rates in extreme heat.

Current research indicates that the high heat and humidity levels of South Florida can be hazardous to human health and even fatal. It can cause dehydration, stroke and endanger cardio-vascular  and nervous systems.

Relevant Studies And Statistics

A Chinese study published in the International Journal of Psychology in June of 2022 investigated the influence of ambient sweet orange aroma on the emotional state of middle school students.

Results indicated that emotions of joy, hope and relaxation were much higher in scented areas and negative feelings of anger were greatly reduced.

Special educational needs students at Sydenham high school in London were recently encouraged to revise different subjects in the presence of different smells.

These included: grapefruit scents for math; lavender for French and spearmint for history. British psychologist at Northumbria University, Mark Moss, conducted cognitive tests back in 2003 on students who were exposed to lavender or rosemary scents.

Those smelling lavender performed poorly on memory tests and experienced impaired reaction times performing those tasks requiring concentration and memory retention.

Those in the rosemary group fared much better in memory tasks, albeit their reaction time was much slower than the lavender group.

Essential Air Care History and Services

With decades and decades of experience, we specialize in addressing the provision of professional, high-quality air-freshening and odor-control services and products for facilities and businesses all throughout the Southeastern Florida region.

We offer odor-control services and air-sanitizing products under a cost-effective commercial plan to businesses situated throughout southeastern Florida, extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades. The counties they serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

Essential Air Care Smaller Logo

Some of the facilities they service in addition to schools and universities, include:airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; government buildings; restaurants; retail stores; nursing homes; office buildings; reception areas and theaters.

Our Commercial Service Plan offers superior odor technology assured by the application of the colorless, neutralizing additive known as Metazene, which destroys malodors on a molecular level, killing them dead forever. 

Stellar customer service, professional installment and maintenance, monthly professional and personal attention and the most cost-effective odor control and air sanitizing services found anywhere in the region.

Essential Air Care Scents For School and Universities

The following present just a small sample of the many scents available for use in schools and universities. 

Eucalyptus Mint

Cool, minty eucalyptus and tinges of sweet, spicy resin stream through the top notes of this uplifting, restorative fragrance.

These facets seamlessly drift into an intense heart featuring fresh, sharp mint  and ultimately meld into a dry down marked by rich, warm and honeyed amber and warm dry cedar wood.


The top notes of this heady, happy fragrance are brimming with tangy uplifting grapefruit and cool, clean green.

A bright heart soon follows featuring  succulent orange, fresh, clean lemon, woody-nuanced raspberry and sugary, fresh orange blossom.

This scent completes with a dry down marked by facets of sensual, passionate musk and lush, sweet and dry orange peel.

Lemongrass and Sage Diffuser Oil

Head notes of energizing citrus lemon and fresh ozone air stream into a floral green heart marked by crisp, green lemongrass, spicy green leaves, creamy gardenia, bright lily and intense and intoxicating jasmine.

A dry down of woody and earthy sage and sensual white musk complete this invigorating fragrance.

Restful Lavender 

Smooth and calming, lavender serves to provide a mental clearing of stress and distraction that enhances the learning experience.

Head notes stream with facets of lavender and soon drift into a floral heart marked by rosy, green geranium, which eventually flows into a soft woody dry down.

In conclusion

If you are the dean or principal of a school or university in southern Florida, consider protecting both your faculty and student body from dangerous malodors and foul smells. 

Call Essential Air Care today to ensure the health and well being of everyone.

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