Ambient Office Scenting Services For Florida Businesses

If you own or operate an office building or business anywhere throughout all of South Florida and you’re looking to enhance your lobbies, entryways, sitting room or other areas with subtle power of ambient scent, contact our team today or continue on to discover why more and more business owners turn to Essential Air Care for all of their odor control and air care needs!

A picture may speak a thousand words, as that old saying goes, but a strategically placed scent tells a million or more.

Our sense of smell is the first to develop and even before we are born, it is fully evolved and functioning.

It is aboriginal and the reason why employees have such a visceral reaction to the way offices smell.

Ambient scenting is a vital intangible factor when it comes to the productivity of any commercial office space and/or the initial impressions of visitors within an entryway office building lobby, sitting area, or even an office itself.

Air Fresheners For South Florida Offices

According to Jennifer Dublino, VP Development at Scent World, the global scent marketing industry is growing at an estimated annual rate of 15%, with revenue of about 300 million worldwide.”

Consequently, there seems little doubt that ambient scent marketing has slowly and fragrantly replaced visual advertising as a sales marketing strategy over the last decade or so.

In past eras, the focus of most workplace aromas was to mask the odor of cigarette smoke.

Since smoking has mostly fallen out of favor and been banned in almost all offices in the last ten years, a new perspective involving fragrance in the office has arisen concerning work performance, mental clarity, focus and productivity.

Ambient Scent Florida Offices

This mind set is largely based upon the fact that people are 100% more likely to remember what they smell in offices vs what they see, hear or touch. 

Design and décor, no matter how attractive, are not the first things visitors and employees notice when they walk through an office door; it is the smell. 

Scenting offices addresses malodors that arise from furniture and carpet odor; body odor; bathroom and garbage smells and food odor from break rooms.

These smells are more acute in tropical southern Florida, where Essential Air Care (EAC) conducts a special war against them, armed with a unique neutralizer known as Metazene.

Offices by their very nature should encompass a blend of employee interaction, entertainment, home comforts and the cold hand of technology.

Each company must find its own unique answer in terms of what they want their scent to convey for their brand and their customers. 

Whether a business concerns retail sales, hotel management, an office atmosphere, a restaurant or an auto showroom, the controlled use of scent induces a positive environment, feelings of comfort, creativity and focus. 

It also influences consumer perception, extends lingering times in retail stores and improves sales. 

All this culminates in an increase in that all-important bottom line of those that run larger commercial office buildings or the businesses the reside within them.

Essential Air Care And Metazene Odor Control

Although the idea of scent marketing is not new, it is really only in the last ten years that it has caught on in the colorful, tropical climes of Southern Florida.

Harsh and extreme temperatures in this region drastically increase the need for odor neutralization because the bacteria causing malodors multiply at rapid rates in extreme heat.

Florida Odor Control Services

We are a prominent provider of the most extensive and effective commercial grade ambient-scenting and air-freshening systems and products, all of which contain Metazene, a colorless liquid neutralizer that attacks odors at the molecular level. 

It works via a chemical reaction in which its molecules bond with the heavier malodorous particles and force an alteration of their electron patterns. 

This causes them to evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

South Florida’s Friendliest Most Effective Air Care Services

Essential Air Care is an independent enterprise run by Hayley Zlotnik, who is the daughter of Arnold Zlotnik, founder, president and CEO of Alpha Aromatics. 

Formerly known as Ellison Service Corporation, which has been in continuous operation since 1973, our specialities address the provision of professional odor-control services and air-sanitizing products for facilities and businesses scattered all across the United States, but primarily throughout the Southeastern Florida region.


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Some of these include but are not limited to: airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; government buildings; condominiums; restaurants; retail stores; hospitals; nursing homes; reception areas and theaters.

EAC’s Commercial Plan Service Plan offers business managers and owners a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment.

These services are available to all commercial enterprises situated in southern Florida, extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades. The counties they serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

We offer a commercial plan to businesses in Southern Florida that provides the following services:

  • Superior Odor Control Technology
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Professional Installment and Maintenance
  • Monthly Professional and Personal Service
  • The Most Cost-Effective Odor Control And Air Sanitizing Services (Diffusers machines are free. Customers pay only for refills)

Our Most Popular Ambient Fragrances For Florida Offices

The size and scale of an intended office space are the determining factors in the selection of ambient scenting and odor-control strategies, but the follow signature fragrances are guaranteed to enhance the large entryways, reception lobbies and public areas of any commercial building entrance or office interior.


Inspiring and happy, this scent opens with a top note bursting with facets of tangy, uplifting grapefruit and clean, cool green. 

These elements soon drift into a bright heart note featuring luscious orange, sharp lemon, nuances of fruity, woody raspberry and fresh, sugary orange blossom. 

A base note featuring earthy, aromatic musk and juicy, sweet and dry orange peel complete this fragrance.


This wildly popular, complex and invigorating fragrance streams with opening facets of inspiring grapefruit, sour/sweet lemon and crisp, green apple. 

These aspects soon flow into a floral heart note bouquet marked by romantic, musky rose, intense, sweet jasmine, waxy, creamy tuberose, soft, green and delicate lily-of-the-valley and smooth, creamy gardenia. 

Base notes of honeyed, warm amber and sun-dried, ozonic driftwood close this intriguing scent.

Island Breeze

A kaleidoscope of lush and tropical splendor swathe this alluring floral fragrance. 

A top note featuring facets of sweet, milky coconut, pineapple-nuanced pina colada, succulent orange slice and soothing cream soon fold into a heart note of redolent, milky coconut shavings, exotic pineapple and sugary, spicy strawberry. 

A base note of sugary, noble vanilla, juicy, crystallized candy, and waxy, luxuriant and verdant rind of pineapple complete this fragrance.


Soft summer breezes and starry nights stun the mind’s eye with just one whiff of this rich, intense and masculine fragrance. 

Introductory notes of subtle, woody pomegranate, slightly sugary and heavy pear, juicy mandarin and vegetal, green and tropical palm. 

These facets soon flow into a middle note of earthy, rosy geranium and intensely tropical, milky and sugary coconut. 

The scent concludes with a base note of warm, honey-like amber, dry, woodsy cedar, sun-dried driftwood and sharp mossy green.

White Tea

This mellow, calming Far Eastern formulation derives its name from the silvery hairs that are found on the unopened buds of the Chinese tea plant. Infused with a dozen essential oils, this scent streams with opening notes of uplifting and invigorating citrus. 

These elements soon surrender to a floral heart note bouquet of passionate, musky rose, intense, intoxicating and rich jasmine petal and exotic, refined and green white tea bud. 

This sultry fragrance finishes with a base note characterized by earthy, woody and ambrosial musk.

In Conclusion

If you are a commercial building owner or manager, or a business owner or manager anywhere in southern Florida, consider the many advantages we offer for all your ambient scenting needs.

Call our teams today! 

We’re always here to help with any ambient scenting and air care need!

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