Why Florida Commercial Restrooms Must Smell Clean

Commercial restrooms, even on good days, are havens for all kinds of dangerous germs and pathogens, which must constantly be monitored and kept at bay to avoid negative scrutiny from employees and customers.

For warmer regions of the country, such as southern Florida, both the need for effective odor management and the methods used have to be more powerful than those used in other climes (and even other sections of the Sunshine State) because of the fact that odors are magnified and more persistent in extreme heat.

Southern Florida is the only region in the United States where tropical and subtropical rain forests are found. This sector covers the southern part of the Floridian Coastal Plain and the Florida Keys.

Hot, sticky and humid with abundant rainfall, droughts have been known to occur. 

The amount of moisture in the air in this clime varies with rising temperatures. Water vapor traps scent particles, which make the odors they release even stronger, and it also serves to slow their diffusion into the air.

Our services and products are specially formulated for this particular biome. 

The Meaning of Clean Restrooms in Southern Florida 

While bad bathroom smells are universally undesirable, the climate of south Florida presents specific obstacles and challenges to an effective cleaning  and odor-control agenda.

Usually, malodors do not travel as rapidly when there is less moisture in the air and when temperatures drop, both air and scent molecules become denser and fill with a much higher concentration of odor particles per square inch.

They then freeze into a solid form, and eventually, the scent becomes undetectable as it is absorbed in dry solids.

Many south Florida owners and managers of commercial and industrial spaces utilize the services of an in house custodial staff to deal with the ongoing situation of maintaining clean, odor-free bathrooms malodors.

The problem is that the average janitorial work force does not always have the the most advanced equipment, and is often not aware of the many innovations that have been made in recent years concerning the best products available to specifically address the elimination of the most stubborn restroom malodors.

Relevant Research

Industrial and institutional odor control products have a prominent place in the modern marketplace.

According to a 2020 Kline report, odor-control products, air fresheners and odor eliminators are widely used more than ever by cleaning professionals to improve both the level of cleanliness and the appearance of facilities.

The current emphasis on these products is their ability to  eliminate rather than mask prevalent odors, and concerns four basic principles; namely, using an effective odor control product, locating the exact source of the odor, eliminating the smell and frequent cleaning and maintenance of equipment by a reputable company.

We understand the spirit, joys and malodorous problems of daily living in south Florida, and offers professional odor-control services and air-sanitizing products for all kinds of commercial enterprises operating within the region.

Some of the industries they service include but are not limited to: airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; government buildings; restaurants; retail stores; nursing homes; office buildings; reception areas and theaters.

Metazene – The Ultimate Vaporous Odor Control Agent

Metazene, quite simply, is the supreme deity of neutralizers that kills bad smells dead forever.

The secret of its power lies in the realm of chemistry, as its lighter atoms bond with heavier malodorous particles, which in turn forces an alteration in their electron patterns.

South Florida Effective Odor Control

Eventually, the resulting low vapor pressure causes them to evaporate.

The benefits of Metazene are manifold.

It is a fine fixative and contains no formaldehyde, which is toxic to all living things and our endangered eco-system.

Conventional sprays serve no purpose in commercial spaces such as: offices, apartment complexes and industrial plants because in South Florida they only temporarily disguise nasty malodors arising from smoke, rotting food and chemical smells, which can be absolutely horrid.

Sprays lack the potency to eradicate them, and when used, often create a situation that backfires and makes everything worse.

Spray smells blend with the bad odors that are already lingering in the air, and together they become bigger, stronger and more unpleasant clouds of foul smells. 

Our Air Freshening Service Plan

Our Commercial Service Plan offers enterprises situated in southern Florida a way to significantly reduce the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment.

Their services are available in areas extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades. The counties we serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee, Palm Beach and beyond.

Essential Air Care Very Small PNG Logo

Our specialists at Essential Air Care develop formulations that are customized to suit each specific brand, and they are always acutely aware of the particular importance of scenting, cleaning and disinfecting commercial restrooms of any size or type.

Our consultants are always on hand to help their clients select the best fragrances for their desired public face and define specific ambient air-care goals. 

The scope of services include:superior odor-control technology; stellar customer service; the most cost-effective odor control and air-sanitizing products, cutting edge diffuser systems and many diverse, eco friendly fragrances.

Regardless of size, every industrial and commercial space demands an even balance of consistent, aromatic fragrance, which in turn requires the sophisticated air diffusing technologies and systems created by Air Scent International and utilized by Essential Air Care.

Our most highly recommenced scenting machines for commercial bathroom care are: The Aroma One and The Scentilator.

The Aroma One Diffuser

Ideal for odor control and air freshening solutions in smaller spaces, like restrooms, this diffuser is highly versatile and can be used with many refill types. These include bottles and solid square wafers.

Optimal air flow is the prime feature in the design and construction of this sleek, ultra modern machine, which is also easily adapted to freshening air and controlling odors.

Other desirable components include: a nesting tray with drip guard, a ventilated refill holder and an air flow controller, which saves energy because it automatically reduces output when necessary.

It is a potent destroyer of southern Florida malodors, thanks to its inclusion of Metazene. This diffuser system is often the preferred choice when it comes to the provision of superior linear aroma enhancement and consistent odor management. 

The Scentilator

This diffuser machine is the perfect solution for odor control and ambient air care for areas up to 10,000 cubic feet.

Its staying power is due to a combination of cold mist scent diffusion and sub-micron nano particles, which merge to provide a constant, even performance for up to 90 days.

Other features include: a toggle switch, which allows for 30,60 or 80 days  of consistent dispersion throughout the selected cycle.

Ensure Your Commercial Restroom Always Smells Fresh!

Is you are the owner or manager of a commercial or industrial facility located in southern Florida and need to establish an ambient air care and odor control regimen, call our teams at Essential Air Care a call today!

We’re always here to help.

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