How Our Scenting Services Transform Florida Mall Experiences

The American phenomenon known at the mall became integral to the American shopping space during the 1950s. They were well received, as they provided warm and friendly shopping settings outside the rush and hustle of the city.

Over the passage of time, they have been struggling to coexist in the face of dynamic consumer demographics and the overwhelming convenience and affordability of the Internet and online shopping.

This has forced formerly out-of-the-box thinking to attract new paying customers to malls. No matter where they are located, malls are full of diverse and interesting smells.

South Florida malls have their own unique issues, and their owners and managers rely on our service technicians, who understand the nature and climate and specific needs of this region in the Sunshine State to supply what is needed.

Ambient Scenting Florida Shopping Malls

While the way a building appears, handles sound (soundproofing) and how the materials used in its construction are perceived are all greatly considered, the experience of smell has been largely overlooked and under utilized as a marketing tool in shopping centers as a means to enhance the customer experience, increase traffic and develop brand loyalty.

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, but a strategically placed scent can speak a million or more.

Several studies over the years have indicated that ambient scent subtly contributes to an increased perception of quality and can affect linger time when consumers are likely to spend more.

A new scent to such a public space requires significant thought and professionalism because it can easily backfire if not done correctly due to the inherent subjectivity of any fragrance.

Miami Marina and Bayside Marketplace

According to Mishaal Alireza, general manager of Alireza Investments International, “With scent, we have an emotional reaction first and then we identify it shortly thereafter.…Citrusy smells, for instance, exude a sense of energy, while lavender is more calm and collected, and patchouli is associated with sophistication.So the first can be used if you want people to make their way across a mall or set an energetic tone in a gym, while lavender is a good choice for a spa or as a pillow mist…”

The Role of Ambient Scenting in Mall Atmosphere

Increasing research has propelled retailers to introduce fragrance to their physical shopping spaces.

According to Terry Jacobson, business development director of AllSense, a Singapore-based ambient scent marketing company: “The key is delivering the right amount of scent into the right amount of space. It’s easy to just add scent, but to do it properly and get it right consistently over a period of time is a real skill….Popular scents vary by country and culture, and are influenced by the weather and climate.” 

There’s always something in the air in malls everywhere. Effective dispersion is made possible by cutting edge diffusers that are installed into air-conditioning ducts that convert a liquid scent into a vapor, which  then circulates through ventilation ducts.

Retail Scent Marketing

According to another scenting expert, “Scenting a mall can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to as much as $10,000 a month, but malls consider it money well spent.”

In the words of: Associate Professor Ang Swee Hoon from the National University of Singapore Business School, “ Scents are part of the retailer’s arsenal, as they offer another sensory experience for shoppers.As malls become more competitive and try to outdo each other through displays and decor, scents are a way to get a leg up. Unlike more fixed aspects such as interior design, scent is something that mall management can play around with more frequently…”

In a shopping centre or shopping mall, we diffuse different scents to match perfectly the different areas. The scent should be subtle and enhance the beautiful shopping experience offered by the shopping centre or a long time that a retail experience should be a complete experience.

Retailers are constantly looking for ways to stand out in the cluttered retail landscape. Whether it is through music, store layout and visual merchandising or using celebrities to endorse your products, retailers are fighting to be seen and heard in shopping malls and streets around the world.

Scenting Malls In Southern Florida

Scent marketing has been around for decades but it has only been in the last ten years that the products and service created by Essential Air Care have left their mark upon subsequent  increases in traffic, brand loyalty and revenue have caught on in South Florida.

Aventura Mall Scenting

The differences between the climate systems of north and central and southern Florida are significant.

The former is comprised of regions that have the both extratropical and equatorial systems, and can be warm or cold core.

Southern Florida, however, is known for its warm core tropical savanna climate, which can only form over warm water and demands customized scenting considerations due to its severe heat, which encourages bacteria production and resulting malodors.

There are no fronts associated with warm core systems, but they usually generate more rain than other biomes. 

In terms of business needs, this translates into a dire need for the air-freshening services provided by Essential Air Care that is far greater than other sections of the state.

Excessive heat can be unhealthy and hazardous to human health. It can cause stroke and dehydration and affect people’s cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

Why Our Clients Swear By Our Scenting Services

Essential Air Care Services are ideal for malls and other businesses situated in South Florida including but not limited to: condominiums, airports; theaters; fitness centers; government buildings; restaurants, retail stores, hotels and more extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades.

Essential Air Care Very Small PNG Logo

The counties we serve include: Brevard; Broward: Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry: Indian River; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

The Essential Air Care Commercial Plan provides the perfect cost-effective avenue for refined ambient air care for malls and other large spaces in this region. Specifically, their services includes the following:

  • Superior Odor Control Technology – There is nothing in the world that can hold a candle to the power of Metazene, a colorless, neutralizing additive that annihilates malodors via a chemical reaction. It is an ingredient found in all odor-control Essential Air Care refills. 
  • Excellent Customer Service – Professional, courteous and highly knowledgable technicians  are dedicated to providing superior customer service to all of their clients. They are always there to answer questions and fix any problems that may arise.
  • Professional Installment and Maintenance
  • Monthly Professional and Personal Service
  • The Most Cost-Effective Odor Control And Air Sanitizing Services
  • Customers receive diffusers at no cost and pay only for the refills
  • Cutting Edge Systems Offer 30 Diverse And Eco-Friendly Fragrance

Malls and other large industrial and commercial spaces demand an even balance of consistent, aromatic fragrance, which in turn requires the sophisticated air diffusing technologies and systems utilized by Essential Air Care.

Diffusers include: the Aroma Beam, The Scentilator, Aroma Styler, Aroma One and the API2000 among others.

Although there are many scents to choose from, the following represent some of the most often utilized in South Florida malls. 

Clean Cotton

This intoxicating scent opens with elements of woody, powdery cotton, marine-inspired ozone and mildly spicy and floral bergamot.

These facets soon seamlessly drift into a floral heart featuring facets of delicate, feminine and green lily-of-the-valley, dreamy, and musky red rose and spicy, peppery greens.

This energizing fragrance completes with a woody dry down marked by aspects of dry balsamic cedar and earthy, erotic musk. 

Eucalyptus Mint

This invigorating fragrance streams with opening facets of fresh, minty peppermint sugary, menthol-nuanced spearmint and citrusy elements.

A fragrant heart of honey, sharp and green eucalyptus, and lavender-nuanced, herbal geranium ultimately folds into a woody, musky dry down.

Restful Lavender

This fragrance opens with head notes bursting with clean, refreshing and slightly medicinal elements that soon fold into a heart note marked by soothing facets of rosy, tea-like geranium that ultimately blend into a final soft and woody dry down.

Start Scenting Your Mall Today!

If you own or operate a mall or any type of shopping center through South Florida, give our teams a call today and transform your interior and bottom lines today!

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