Ambient Scenting Services For South Florida Hotels

Although ambient scent marketing in hotels has been around for almost two decades, it has only been in the last few years or so that many hoteliers have jumped upon the olfactory bandwagon.

Harnessing the sheer power of scent adds a certain visceral aspect to an already highly customized arena. Scent subtly reinforces brand recognition, ignites loyalty and improves that all important bottom line.

Hoteliers are acutely aware that their offerings must supersede brick and mortar amenities, that studies have proven that olfactory logos define a brand, and that having a signature scent is a vital factor in a guest’s overall travel experience.

Scenting Florida Hotel Lobbies

Scent memories become deeply embedded in our minds because they are linked to the sectors of the brain that process both emotion and memory.

In the words of Caroline Fabrigas, a scent branding expert: “A good scent enhances the wood that you’re standing on, the stone on the wall. It’s almost as if the environment is breathing with you. It becomes intrinsic to the space. You don’t viscerally experience a logo the way you experience a scent…Custom scents are expensive, but if you think about the amount of money a brand will spend to create a logo, this is just another form of it…-and it’s one of the most powerful.”

Our sense of smell is the first to develop, and research indicates that it begins even before we are even born. It is our most primitive of all the senses, which is why it creates such an instinctual reaction.

When the world was young as well as today, smell has always been multi-functional; it has served as an aid to survival and an omen of impending danger, such as the smell of fire or gas leaks.

Perfumers respect and nurture smell’s fragrant path to sensual and emotional pleasure.

Air Freshener Service Florida Hotels

A Few Relevant Statistics And Studies 

Scenting for hotels renders a memorable, invisible layer of comfort to the surroundings that no flowers, art work or colorful flourishes can capture.

It becomes one with the traveler; a part of an immersive and memorable experience. Research indicates that people are 100% more likely to remember what they smell in a hotel versus what they see, hear or touch.

Studies have also proven that mood improves up to 40% when people are exposed to  a pleasant scent, which is vital to a successful hotel stay.

A 2021 Spanish study that was published in The European Journal of Tourism revealed that when scent was introduced to hotel guest rooms, participants felt happier than when exposed to an unscented room.

Why Is It Important To Scent A Hotel Lobby?

A hotel lobby, in its own fragrant way, is one of the most important areas of any hotel. A chosen scent in a lobby instantly and indelibly reminds visitors why they have come and what they can expect.

The reason for this concerns an olfactory phenomenon known as a first impression that travelers experience upon crossing the threshold.

There is only one irreversible moment in time when this occurs, and Essential Air Care providers know how to make the most out of this opportunity with their vast collection of superior scents and state of the art HVAC diffusers, namely our Aroma Stylers.

HVAC Diffuser Florida Hotels

Fragrance Makes A Powerful Impact on Mood And Mind Set

Setting a particular mood for guests, whether it be one of opulence and luxury or just the simple feel of ‘being home, serves to make a deep aromatic connection that will link the hotel to a traveler’s emotions and memory. There is a certain unspoken protocol for fragrance selection.

For example, a soft blend of roses and tobacco can feel like being home, while the idea of being surrounded by wealth and luxury is better captured by facets of sensual essential oils such as smoky, fruity and musky oud and the rich bouquet of colorful, exotic spices.

According  to Steven Semoff, co-president of the Scent Marketing Institute: “For the most part, in today’s society everybody is inundated with visual stimuli and auditory stimuli. The sense of smell, though, is hardwired directly to your brain, right to the emotional center. When you smell something, bang. That’s going to trigger either a memory or an emotion.”

Southern Florida Ambient Scenting Considerations

The demands for ambient scenting in south Florida have to be met differently than those in other cooler climes.

The oppressive heat presents significant challenges to even our masters at Essential Air Care, who are innovative experts in the region’s specific needs.

Florida Odor Control Services

For one thing, malodors are much more potent and tenacious than even those in other parts of the Sunshine state.

One disturbing study that was published in the journal, PLOS ONE, indicated that high temperatures generate more energy for odor-causing molecules to transition into a gas phase, which in turn increases their rate of production.

This further translates into an ongoing need for powerful air-freshening and deodorizing services. Hotels in south Florida must consider using powerful deodorizers, and for Essential Air Care, there is only one that does the job better than any other in the planet; namely, Metazene.

South Florida Effective Odor Control

This neutralizing additive destroys malodors on the molecular level via a chemical reaction. Odors are not just masked; they are deader than dead forever!

The warm, sun kissed climate of southern Florida is a paradise on one level but on another it brings dangerous storms, destructive hurricanes and extreme, unrelenting heat, which can be hazardous both to human health and to industrial and commercial spaces of all kinds.

It can cause serious dehydration, stroke and weaken cardiovascular and nervous systems.

A Few Of Our Most Popular Fragrances For Hotels

Many hoteliers in southern Florida turn to our experts at Essential Air Care for help in developing a plan, which will enhance their unique message with a fragrance that matches their brand.

Below are just a few of their more popular scent choices.


Facets of energizing grapefruit, clean, fresh lemon and acidic lime stream through the head notes of this invigorating, glad-to-be-alive fragrance.

A herbal/ floral heart note soon follows marked by aspects of woody, pungent rosemary, peppery, spicy green basil, cool, piney and honeyed eucalyptus; creamy gardenia, fiery, clove-like carnation and sugary, intoxicating night-blooming jasmine.

A dry down featuring sensual patchouli, rich, earthy amber, aromatic and balsamic Douglas fir and passionate, erotic musk completes this fragrance.


The head notes of this complex, warm, musky and spicy while flower amalgam flow with pleasing aspects of uplifting grapefruit, clean, fresh lemon and crunchy green apple.

A redolent floral heart note soon follows marked by facets of dreamy, musky rose, intense snd intoxicating jasmine, potent, creamy tuberose, waxy, green and sweet lily-of-the-valley and smooth, buttery gardenia.

Base notes featuring rich, honeyed and dark amber and sun dried, marine-nuanced driftwood complete this memorable fragrance.

My Way

While Frank Sinatra had a hit song by the same name decades ago, the essence of his words so clearly reflect the power of individual choices in other things as well; namely, iconic perfume. This new one speaks to the female character, as it is bold but also soft and feminine.

Top notes of fresh, sweet orange blossom and light, bitter neroli soon drift seamlessly into a heart note featuring potent, intoxicating tuberose, smooth, creamy sandalwood and violet-nuanced Indian Jasmine.

A dry down marked by aspects of  warm, slightly toasted and coconut-tinged Madagascar Vanilla, aromatic, sensual white musk and deep, woody, smooth and balsamic Virginia Cedar complete this intriguing scent.

White Tea And Fig 

Conjuring images of far away, magical lands, this exotic amalgam opens with a top note of fruity, honeyed fig, which soon drifts into a floral heart note bouquet featuring facets of dreamy, romantic and musky rose, soft, sweet white tea bud and narcotic, intensely rich jasmine.

A soothing, luxurious dry down completes the scent with elements of clean, balsamic cedar, dark, honeyed and warm amber and earthy musk.

Contact Essential Air Care For All Of Your Scenting Needs!

We have been in continuous operation since 1973, and we are well known for our provision of superior odor-control and air-sanitizing products for all types of commercial companies and industrial facilities throughout the southeastern region of Florida.

Our coverage area extends from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades. Specific counties include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

Our Commercial Service Plan offers cost-effective, monthly solutions for maintaining and purchasing both odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment . 

If you are a hotelier in southern Florida and seeking a different way to increase your traffic, brand loyalty and bottom line, dare to consider ‘a new coat of paint,’ so to speak, with an innovative and exciting Essential Air Care fragrance that will enhance your brand message and memorialize the experiences of all your guests.

Call our teams today! We’re here to help!

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