Ambient Scenting For South Florida Nursing Homes

In addition to ensuring the very best first impressions for future potential clients, ambient scenting for nursing homes and assisted living facilities serves to preserve the precious and vital link between the emotional states of their residents and their physical well-being.

Feeling desperately alone even in the company of others is common with elderly populations, and the introduction of specific scents that evoke memories of a more pleasant time improves mood and helps to mitigate feelings of loneliness and despair.

Managers and owners of nursing homes want patients to feel comfortable, and scent aids in the recall of familiar surroundings.

Nursing Home Ambient Scenting

Visiting a senior care facility is often emotional for the family of the senior as well. 

The experience taps into feelings of separation, loss and sadness for the senior who is relinquishing a home, friends and personal independence.

Scent provided by companies such as Essential Air Care helps to elevate mood and create positive feelings of relaxation for visitors. 

Scent is a powerful tool that can also improve the perception of senior care facility interiors, and it is a far more economical investment than fresh paint or alterations in decor. 

Some scents can actually influence the perception of a room’s size.

Green apple, cucumber or citrus for example, are lighter fragrances that studies have proven make spaces feel larger and more open, while spicy, woodsy or sweet scents have the opposite affect.

Specific scents can evoke positive feelings that help to dispel isolation for many seniors in nursing homes.

The delectable aromas of freshly baked apple pie and coffee brewing on a family stove or the lingering fragrance of lilacs blooming outside a window serve as the connective mental tissue that binds wounded hearts and stokes memories of another softer and kinder time and place.

The Benefits Of Ambient Scenting In Nursing Home Settings

In the United States, annual spending on long term senior care has reached almost $275 billion annually.

According to the Alzheimer Society, 80% of senior and assisted living residents suffer from dementia or other severe memory conditions.

A recent study indicated that when the aroma of cinnamon was introduced to a number of nursing homes, residents experienced significant enhancement concerning reasoning abilities, such as working memory, attention span and visual motor responses.

Recent studies conducted by Consumatics, a Dutch research firm specializing in sub conscious behavior, examined seven senior care facilities and confirmed that when the scent of fresh bread was introduced both before and during meal times, malnutrition levels decreased by 5%.

In addition, scent was also found to both increase quality of life by 10% and to improve feelings about surroundings in 12% of studied residents.

Nursing Homes And Climate In Southern Florida

Essential Air Care is situated in southern Florida where nursing homes have different, more complicated scenting needs than those situated in other areas due to the region’s extreme heat and humidity.

Florida Odor Control Services

In colder climes, scent molecules become denser and more concentrated per square inch. Then they freeze into solid form, trapping odors and making them undetectable.

In a warm environment however, odor molecules become airborne much more rapidly and according to smell psychologist, Avery Gilbert,” humid air traps smells and causes them to linger longer than they usually would.” 

This explains why the smell of trash is so much worse in the heat and why cars retain a musty smell after a rain.

Florida’s climate is classified as subtropical, featuring extremely long, humid summers and mild, cool winters. 

North and central regions, however, have different climates systems than those of their southern neighbors.

They are known to contain the characteristics of both extratropical and tropical systems and can be either warm or cold core.

Southern Florida, however, has a warm core tropical system, which means that it can only form over warm water and that it generates more rain than extratropical climes.

In terms of the air-freshening services we provide, this translates into the fact that the need for odor neutralization and the products used to combat it is far greater than other sections of the state.

Essential Air Care and Southern Florida

Essential Air Care, aka EAC, represents a milestone in successful companies owned and managed by savvy women; in this case, Hayley Zlotnik, daughter of Arnold Zlotnik, founder, president and CEO of Alpha Aromatics.


Essential Air Care Smaller Logo


Formally known as Ellison Service Corporation, which has been in continuous operation since 1973, our specialities address the provision of professional odor-control services and air-sanitizing products for facilities and businesses scattered all across the Southeastern Florida region. 

Besides nursing homes; some of these include: airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; government buildings; restaurants; retail stores; office buildings; reception areas, theaters and more.

Our Commercial Air Freshener Odor Control Services

This highly-effective initiative offers nursing home managers and owners a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing ambient scenting (also sometimes referred to as scent decor), odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment by providing the following:

We Provide Superior Odor Control Technology

There is no odor neutralizer in the modern marketplace that works better than the dual action, colorless additive known as Metazene.

Unlike other products that only mask unpleasant odors, this neutralizer attacks foul smells at a molecular level via a chemical reaction that eradicates them permanently.

We Provide Excellent Customer Service

Our dedicated staff at Essential Air Care is always on hand to answer questions and help their clients with any issues they might have concerning their products or services.

Each and every client, whether large or small, is considered a valued member of Essential Air Care’s growing family.

Cost-Effective Odor Control And Air Sanitizing Services

The many diffuser machine choices we offer to fill any and all ambient scenting needs for nursing homes are always free to their clients, who generally pay only for the refills in most situations.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Friendly efficient service is a hallmark of our Essential Air Care technicians!

Monthly Professional and Personal Service

Refills are generally changed every thirty days and are either replaced or altered, depending on preference, and we offer the most extensive myriad of fragrances options.

In Conclusion

We may be new to the burgeoning female owned business landscape, but we are here to stay.

If you are the owner or manager of a nursing home in southern Florida seeking to improve the first impressions of your facility as well as the mental health and well being of your clients, call Essential Air Care today – (561) 588-2114

We’re here to help!

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