How Ambient Scenting in South Florida Increases Food Sales

Food retailers have long been aware of the power of ambient gourmand fragrances to influence sales and consumer loyalty.

In southern Florida, the most prominent company associated with this special marketing skill is Essential Air Care.

Visual cues, such as; familiar pictures, shapes, logos and pricing, usually result in larger and more fattening menu selections.

The secret to the commercial success of adding food aromas in restaurants, grocery stores; bakeries; pastry shops and pizza parlors lies in a carefully selected fragrance, which invisibly opens a pathway in the brain for consumers to make decisions using little or no judgment.

It is a process enhanced by the strategic placement of items that sub consciously encourage impulse buying.

Known as embodied cognition, it is a tender trap for the owners of wallets and the money they contain.

Embodied Cognition and Food Sales

Bodily sensitivities function at a sub-conscious level, and the concept of embodied cognition provides an avenue for marketers to engage and influence consumers via their physical senses.

In the case of ambient scent marketing and food sales,.this translates into understanding that consumers today are not just seeking food stuffs and merchandise; they are more focused on experiences.

A report compiled by McKinsey and Company revealed that shoppers over the last few years have indulged four times as much in experience-related services, like attending spectator events; wine tasting, visiting amusement parks; dining or traveling across the world  than on personal goods. 

Relevant Studies And Statistics

A 2017 survey conducted by Purdue University entitled:The Influence of Food Aromas On Restaurant Consumer Perceptions, Emotions and Purchases received 196 responses. Results indicated that food aromas had a positive effect on consumer perceptions concerning the general food quality and restaurant ambiance. 

A 2021 study from the University of South Florida that was published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology concluded that food tastes better when it was first seen and then inhaled as as a smell.

According to Dipayan Biswas, Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing at USF: “We tested to get a better understanding of how the human sensory processing system evaluates a sequence of visual and scent-related cues.

Scents play a very critical role in influencing taste perceptions; but people can process a scent better in their brains when the scent is preceded by a corresponding visual cue, such as color.” 

Malodors And Moisture Levels 

In cold climes, scent molecules become dense and freeze to solid form, trapping the odor so it cannot be detected. Moisture levels in the air directly affect the ability of foul odors to travel. The higher the level, the more quickly they spread.

Odor molecules become air borne very quickly and humid air traps smells and causes them to linger longer than they otherwise would.

That is why scenting food related businesses in south Florida requires the highly specialized attention of the experts at Essential Air Care, and in the words of smell scientist and author, Avery Gilbert, who conducted notable research on odor perception: “This is the reason the smell of trash is so much worse in the heat and why cars retain a musty smell after a rain. Malodor can also be magnified by the solubility of chemicals.”

Food Retailers And Ambient Air Care In Southern Florida

Ambient scenting in Southern Florida is tricky due to both climactic conditions and the need to select fragrances that will attract the majority of consumers who are the targets of food sales.

The tropical climate and its warm breezes and swaying palm fronds brings along with its elements of paradise terrible storms, hurricanes and scorching, unrelenting heat, which can cause serious health problems to humans.

In addition, excessive temperatures are breeding grounds for malodorous pathogens that can affect both the quality and freshness of food stuffs.

Gourmand Fragrances

Essential Air Care’s gourmand creations are so named because their aromas are comprised of edible scents that include: dark, warm honey; creamy, rich caramel; lush, elegant vanilla and redolent, roasted chocolate.

The dry down of these fragrances is often heavy and grounded by facets such as: earthy, erotic musk and dark, potent patchouli.

They can also render a romantic effect when melded with floral facets, and there are diverse intensity levels within the gourmand family of fragrances as well. 

The earliest gourmand fragrance dates back to 1925 and Guerlain’s vanilla-laden Shalimar.

The 1990s brought about a resurgence of heavy amber-like notes as evidenced in Thierry Mugler’s 1992 formulation, Angel Eau de Perfume, which was the very first gourmand fragrance to ever appear on a fashion runway.

The comforting properties of gourmand perfumes have become more and more in vogue in the last few decades among both women and men. Favorite facets often include: rich, honeyed amber; intoxicating, musky patchouli; passionate musk and spicy, inviting cinnamon.

The gourmand scents developed by Essential Air Care are much lighter than those found in colder climes. They are ambrosial and aromatic, rendering the barest edge of sweet seduction that makes them ideal for the perfect romantic date.

Some Popular Essential Air Care Gourmand Fragrances

Air Wisp Fragrance Refill

Genoa Lemon

A citrus burst of sparkling lemon and luscious, juicy mandarin orange form the head notes of this invigorating fragrance.

These facets soon drift seamlessly into a splendid heart note marked by herbaceous light and floral neroli and ambrosial, creamy magnolia blossom.

A dry down of aromatic, green and erotic white musk completes this unforgettable scent.

Scentsia Dry Vapor Fragrances

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate anything delights all those who contemplate either its aroma, taste or both. This gourmand confection streams with head notes featuring roasted, semi-sweet and delectable chocolate and creamy, mouth-watering butter.

These aspects soon fold into a brown sugar heart note and ultimately fuse with a dry down marked by a fusion of lush vanilla, rich, creamy caramel and tinges of chocolate.

Passion Fruit And Melon

Designed to work exclusively with the Aroma Beam diffuser, this fragrance has a specific appeal to south Florida because of its tropical facets.

The scent opens with head notes of sugary, exotic and juicy passion fruit, green watermelon, fresh, sun-kissed honeydew; sweet, slightly musky cantaloupe and soft, sugary kiwi.

A heart note soon follows, featuring a bouquet of rich, smooth gardenia, intense jasmine, light, floral neroli and spicy bright lily.

These aspects finally merge into a dry down of earthy, rich nectar and sensual white musk.

Squair Wafer Scent Blocks

These refills are customized to work well with the Aroma One air freshener diffuser. 

Golden Mango

Head notes stream with tropical tinges of exhilarating citrus and tropical vanilla-nuanced gingery mango. These exotic facets soon fuse into an elegant floral heart note, which ultimately blends into a final dry down of earthy, vanilla-tinged musk.

Essential Air Care And Southern Florida Food Retailers

We offer food retailers in southern Florida ambient scent marketing, air-freshening and odor solutions that far surpass others of our ilk.

our service plans are inclusive and cost-effective, and their range of services span throughout southeast Florida extending from Melbourne to Homestead and West into the Glades. Counties served include: Brevard, Broward, Miami Dade, Glades, Hendry, Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

Our commercial air freshener plan applies to all businesses in the region and includes:superior personal service every month; top-of-the-line odor control technology; professional installation and maintenance of all equipment; more than 30 different fragrance options and excellent customer service at all times. 

If you are in the food sales industry and reside in southern Florida, give our teams at Essential Air Care a call today. 

 We’re here to help!


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