Scent Diffusion Services For Florida Veterinary Clinics

If you are the owner or manager of a veterinary clinic or animal hospital situated anywhere throughout southern Florida, bad pet odors can affect first impressions of customers. Lo and behold, there’s a solution! Discover how our ambient scent diffusion services can eliminate stinky odors and enhance your interiors with pet-safe, ambient fragrances.

Animals are our soft place to fall. They are our friends and our family and they ease everyday feelings of loneliness and pain.

An animal in pain is a taxing situation for owners, care-givers and pets.

As the saying goes, music does soothe the savage beast, but it isn’t enough when a visit to the vet is unexpected and potentially dangerous to the health and well being of a beloved animal. 

Music can assuage frightened spirits, but fragrance is the ultimate chill pill in veterinary clinics, where life often hangs by a thread that depends upon quick thinking and the ability to focus on the issue at hand.

Odor Control Animal Hospitals

Scent eases an animal’s fear of an alien environment full of new, different and unfamiliar smells, sights and sounds, and the anxiety an owner feels about getting the urgent care needed for a sick pet as quickly as possible.

Innovations in science, cutting edge technology and the development of cold infusion distribution systems coupled with the application of specific fragrances created by our perfumers as Essential Air Care have revolutionized the conventional South Florida visit to the vet.

Scent is so all consuming and persuasive that it can do its thing even before even before pets and their anxious owners enter those scary, sterile treatment rooms.

A cloud of calmness, reduction in stress levels, boosts in both morale and energy, and an extra elusive edge that perceives a high quality of care prevails within a scented veterinary setting.

Odor Control Florida Vet Clinics


A Few Relevant Statistics

According to the American Veterinary Association, pets are very well loved in the United States.

Statistics indicate that 43 million home owners have more than one dog and more than one cat resides in some 36 million households.

In the state of Florida, statistics indicate that 56% of the total population own at least one pet and 39.8% own a dog. Twenty-four percent of Florida households own at least one cat.

A Few Facts About Heat And Bacteria

Although the idea of scent marketing is not new, it is really only in the last ten years that it has caught on in the colorful climes of Southern Florida where the warm core tropical climate system generates more rain than is found in the Northern and central regions of the state.

Harsh and unrelenting temperatures in this region drastically increase the need for odor neutralization because the bacteria causing malodors multiply at rapid rates in extreme heat.

Research supports the fact that the high heat and humidity levels of tropical regions everywhere can be hazardous to human health and even fatal. It can cause stroke and dehydration and affect people’s cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Scent Diffusion Services Florida Veterinary Clinics


The Varied Benefits of Scent in Veterinary Clinics

Ambient Scent Diffusion Products Provide Odor Control 

Pets and malodors are an unavoidable combination, and especially in Southern Florida, require stringent considerations and customized products potent enough to eliminate them permanently.

Malodors that can be off-putting and exacerbate an already stressful experience.

We provide products formulated with the king of neutralizers; namely, Metazene, a colorless additive that is heads above any other on the market today.

It works via a chemical reaction in which its molecules bond with the heavier malodorous particles and force an alteration of their electron patterns.

This causes them to evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure. 

Ambient Scent Can Serve As An Energizer

There has been significant research concerning warm, inviting cinnamon that has indicated its ability to evoke feelings of contentment and reduce drowsiness and irritability.

In veterinary clinics, cinnamon is a vital aid in helping to keep staff alert and engaged during long, arduous work shifts.

Scent Can Help To Reduce Clinic Staff Errors

Research from several studies indicate that when cinnamon was introduced into a work setting, staff members made 40% fewer errors.

Considered a nootropic, which is a term describing compounds and substances that elevate cognitive function and serve to improve memory, the scent of vanilla can calm animals and promote serenity in veterinary clinics where nerves are often stretched to the limit. 

Essential Air Care And The Needs of South Floridians

Our specialities address the provision of professional odor-control services and air-sanitizing products for facilities and businesses scattered all the Southeastern Florida region. 

Besides veterinary clinics, some of these include but are not limited to: hospitals; airports; fitness centers; recreation facilities; auto dealerships; government buildings; restaurants; retail stores; nursing homes; office buildings; reception areas and theaters.

Our commercial Scent Diffuser Service Plan offers business managers and owners a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control and air-sanitizing equipment.

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Due to southern Florida’s harsh environment, our services are laser-focused and highly specialized to combat odors, which are more persistent and dangerous in tropical temperatures.

We offer some of the most highly-effective air freshening and odor neutralizing products and services under our cost-effective commercial plan to businesses situated in southern Florida, extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades.

The counties they serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach. 

Our commercial service plan provides veterinary clinics in Southern Florida the following:

  • Superior Odor Control Technology
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Professional Installment and Maintenance
  • Monthly Professional and Personal Service
  • The Most Cost-Effective Odor Control And Air Sanitizing Services (Diffusers machines are free. Customers pay only for refills)

A Few Soothing And Refreshing Scents For Veterinary Clinics

The following fragrances are all designed to promote soothing comfort and suggest a sense of fresh and clean. 

They are all available for use in our varied line of diffusers.

Berry Blast

A steady stream of sweet, green and spicy strawberry, succulent orange, fruity, slightly tropical pineapple, crisp, green apple and fruity, sugary, and redolent concord grape form the top note of this bold, distinctive fragrance. 

These facets soon drift into a heart note marked by aspects of lush, milky coconut and creamy, candied and almond-like cherry pit.

An exotic base note marked by elements of creamy, rich caramel complete this alluring scent.


A favorite scent dating back decades, fruity, sweet, tart and bitter almond tones open this delectable fragrance, which soon fold into a heart note dominated by aspects of woody, powdery violet. 

Lush, elegant and cozy facets of vanilla complete this mellow, smooth fragrance.

Island Breeze

Beguiling and exotic, this scent evokes images of far away islands and remote beaches with shimmering white sands.

The top note whispers of a redolent paradise marked by facets of sweet, green and spicy strawberry, pearly, lush coconut, fruity succulent pineapple and vanilla-tinged and gingery mango.

These aspects soon surrender to a heart note featuring intense and sensual jasmine and bitter, sweet and sour anise.

The scent completes with a base note laden with elements of honey-like, enticing vanilla and fruity, slightly sweet and earthy nectar.


A citrus/fruity burst of succulent orange, sweet, ruby red grape, almond-like, sugary and slightly woody raspberry and piquant cherry open this invigorating fragrance. 

These facets soon stream into a mellow floral heart note dominated by rosy, woody and fresh lavender and eventually meld into a final base note marked by sweet, woody pine and lush, elegant and alluring vanilla.


An elusive and indistinct whisper, a neutral scent always smells good, but escapes true definition.

These fragrances always contain fresh and clean aspects, which have an unmistakable universal appeal. 

In a hectic veterinary clinic, neutral scents are almost imperceptible and never overpowering. They serve almost as background music, soothing, but intangible and seemingly just out of reach.


The pomegranate was introduced to California by Spanish settlers in the 18th century. 

This fantasy fragrance opens with a top note bursting with facets of tart, citrusy and leathery pomegranate.

These aspects soon surrender to a fruity heart note amalgam of velvety peach, green and spicy strawberry., slightly sweet and earthy nectar and fresh, slightly bitter lemon zest.

A base note of dark, rich, warm and sweet vanilla musk completes this unforgettable fragrance. 

Red Raspberry

A top note featuring succulent, sugary and piquant strawberry, potent, leathery blackberry and tangy, woody-nuanced, ruby red raspberry open this fruit-inspired fragrance.

These facets soon drift into a heart note bouquet of fresh, green and soft florals that eventually fold into a base note of enticing, earthy and very sensual vanilla nectar.


This sparkling and effervescent fragrance opens with a burst of succulent orange tropical pineapple, sweet/tart cherry and nuances of bitter almond. 

These facets soon fold into a heart note featuring dusty, woody violet and fresh tangy and woody-nuanced raspberry.

A base note dominated by facets of dark, rich and warm vanilla musk complete this scent.

In Conclusion

The power of scent in veterinary clinics should never be underestimated.

It affects mood and energy and relief from the stressful situation at hand.

If you are the owner or manager of a veterinary clinic or animal hospital situated anywhere throughout southern Florida, contact Essential Air Care today and transform your facility into a comforting and mellow slice of peace and serenity for clients with both two legs and with four.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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