Scenting Solutions For South Florida Auto Dealerships

Bad smells are everywhere, and those in south Florida are worse than most due to the excessive moisture in our environment.

Malodor is as old as time; it has always been there. Over the centuries, cultures have learned that humans have choices about their living conditions and that bad odors need not be among them.

Today, the significance of ambient scenting solutions and odor control has altered the landscape of modern living and modern advertising, and has been especially effective throughout South Florida and particularly, auto showrooms.

Ambient Scenting Car Dealerships

Relevant Scenting Solution Studies and Statistics

For these enterprises, a strategized sensory experience can increase showroom dwell time.

It may also expand emotional involvement with the brand and even put anxious car buyers at ease.

Recent research conducted by Premium Scenting and Walnut Unlimited, documented in a white paper entitled: The Ultimate Car Showroom Report indicated that that scent has an initial impact on our experience within 5 seconds.

That surpasses the power of vision, which takes seconds longer to establish.

The research went even further, revealing that if two senses were involved, it generated an increase of brand impact by 30%, and when 3 senses were triggered, the affect more than doubled to 70%.

Nearly half of all consumers studied (48%) revealed that a pleasant aroma would encourage them to linger in a showroom space, and 69% admitted that such a scent would positively increase their perception of the brand.

Almost a third of study participants stated that apleasant smell would most definitely encourage them to return to a specific showroom.

Scenting Services Florida Car Showrooms


How Does Ambient Scenting Work?

Our most intense memories are evoked by scent.

Whenever the olfactory buds in the brain detect a smell, a chemical message is immediately sent directly to the limbic system, which is the part of the human brain that processes smell. It is closely allied to memory and emotion.

According to Raymond Matts: “At least 35% of what we recall about an environment in the short-term is scent-based, compared with about 15% of what we see… I’m not suggesting scent is a marketing “silver bullet,” but it is certainly a potent part of the mix. Ambient scenting is about creating an emotional appeal to a location, something that’s distinctive and will be remembered in a positive way… This technique is far more subtle than the “aromatic billboard” of freshly-baked goods.”

As far as the estimated return on investment (ROI) when ambient scenting is concerned, Matts believes that the answer lies in the same vein as a visceral understanding of the value of a specific décor in a lobby or exterior landscaping.

He states: “It’s all about creating an environment customers want to stay in, enhancing brand identity and encouraging repeat business.”

Ambient Scenting Solutions and Odor Control for South Florida 

Ambient scent marketing is a science, and establishing the best scent for any business, but particularly for an auto dealership in South Florida, requires scent experts.

In South Florida, the place to go is Essential Air Care, a company entrenched in the specific needs of this population.

This tropical region is beset with more malodorous problems than other parts of the country because its tropical climate encourages a higher rate of bacterial reproduction.

Although the idea of scent marketing is not new, it is really only in the last decade or so that it has caught on in the colorful, tropical climes of Southern Florida.

Florida HOA Condo Air Care

Harsh and extreme temperatures in this region drastically increase the need for odor neutralization because the bacteria causing malodors multiply at rapid rates in extreme heat.

We are a prominent provider of the most extensive and effective commercial grade ambient-scenting and air-freshening systems and products, all of which contain Metazene®, a colorless liquid neutralizer that attacks odors at the molecular level.

It works via a chemical reaction in which its molecules bond with the heavier malodorous particles and force an alteration of their electron patterns.

This causes them to evaporate over time due to very low vapor pressure.

Who Is Essential Air Care?

Our Commercial Service Plan offers auto showroom managers and owners a way to significantly save on the costs of maintaining and purchasing odor-control and air-freshener equipment.

These services are available to all commercial enterprises situated in southern Florida, extending from Melbourne to Homestead and westward into the Glades.


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The counties they serve include: Brevard; Broward; Miami-Dade; Glades; Hendry; Indian River; Martin; Okeechobee and Palm Beach.

Their comprehensive plan offers the following services:

  • Superior Odor Control Technology
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Professional Installment and Maintenance
  • Monthly Professional and Personal Service
  • The Most Cost-Effective Odor Control And Air Sanitizing Services (Diffusers machines are free. Customers pay only for refills)

The range of scents that can be used for auto showrooms is vast. Customized scents speak to their specific brands.

Essential Air Care consultants are always on hand to help dealerships select the best fragrance for their particular showroom, based on the brand’s overall desired public face and specific goals. 

The following Essential Air Care fragrances are all Air Wisps liquid aroma oil scents that are specially-formulated for use with Essential Air Care’s HVAC AromaStylerambient scenting diffuser.

Aroma Styler HVAC Diffuser

They are designed exclusively for showroom spaces and not bathrooms. 

Island Breeze

This captivating fragrance streams with opening facets of milky, tropical coconut, pineapple-nuanced piña colada, zesty, succulent orange slice and buttery cream.

A heart note soon follows marked by aspects of intense and exhilarating jasmine and bitter, sweet and salty anise.

A base note characterized by lush, noble and elegant vanilla, juicy, sweet crystallized candy and waxy, juicy and green rind of pineapple. completes this delightful scent. 

Lemongrass and Sage

A citrus burst forms the top notes of this intense scent that soon drifts into a sensual heart note amalgam of clean, gingery and energizing lemongrass and warm, woody dry sage.

This fragrance.completes with a base note featuring herbal, green geranium and earthy, erotic musk.


This energizing scent streams with an opening burst of citrus.

Aspects of tart, uplifting and tangy grapefruit, clean, fresh lemon and refreshing, sharp and zesty lime soon meld into a floral/herbal heart note featuring facets of woody, romantic rosemary, lively, green basil, minty, honeyed eucalyptus, creamy gardenia, fiery, piquant carnation and sensual, intoxicating night blooming jasmine. 

The fragrance completes with facets of earthy patchouli, warm, dark and rich amber, robust, balsamic Douglas fir and earthy musk.


This musky, warm and spicy white flower bouquet opens with accents of sharp grapefruit, fresh, clean lemon and crisp apple.

This fruity mosaic blends deftly into a floral heart note marked by dreamy, musky rose, deeply intense and intoxicating jasmine, creamy, waxy tuberose, delicate and feminine lily-of-the-valley and velvety gardenia.

A base note featuring aspects of earthy, dark and honeyed amber and musky driftwood complete this compelling fragrance.

White Tea And Fig 

Exotic, citrusy and fruity, this redolent blend streams with opening facets of green, honeyed and complex fig that soon drift into a floral heart note bouquet of tropical, soft and clean white tea bud, haunting, intense jasmine and musky, romantic rose. 

The fragrance completes its luxurious, soothing character with a tropical blend of somber, dry and balsamic cedar, dark, rich amber and sensual, passionate musk.

In Conclusion

Essential Air Care’s odor control options for showroom bathrooms are all equipped with there special weapon; namely Metazene®, which destroys malodors, killing them dead forever.

If you are a showroom manager in South Florida, give us a call today! We’re here to help you improve brand loyalty and increase showroom traffic!

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