Air Freshener & Odor Control Services For South Florida Businesses

For over 50 years, we have been Florida's finest provider of professional ambient scenting, air freshener and odor control services to businesses throughout Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade, Brevard, Glades, Hendry, Indian River, Martin and Okeechobee Counties.

Why Use Our Commercial Air Freshener Services?

Headquartered in West Palm BeachEssential Air Care (formally known as Ellison Service Corporation and still family-owned), has been proudly providing local, professional air care and odor control services for businesses throughout Southern Florida for over 50 years, from Melbourne to Homestead, all the way to the Glades.

We are BBB accredited and have the most complete line of superior performance air care systems to freshen, renew and enhance the air of commercial businesses, from hotels and airports to condominiums, hospitals and restaurants.

No interior is too large or too small for our superior air care systems!

If your business resides anywhere throughout South Florida, join a growing number of businesses and industries benefiting from our convenient, cost effective, professional air freshener service plans.

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Enhance condominium entryways, hallways, common areas and more.

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Restaurants And Nightclubs

Ensure restaurant and nightclub restrooms and entryways always have a fresh impression.

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Entertainment Venues

Set the right mood within any entertainment facility with our custom ambient fragrances.

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Fitness Centers

Eliminate airborne malodors and invigorate gym-goers with energizing fragrances.

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Office Buildings

Enhance the ambience of office entryways, restrooms and interior common areas.

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Auto Dealerships

Increase sales with the strategic use of our scent marketing systems.

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Nursing Homes

Instill a sense of clean and uplift the mood of your residents and visitors.

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Improve first impressions and set patients at ease with our calming aromas.

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Create A Desired Mood Or Impression With The Power Of Fragrance

Improve guest experiences, make your brand unforgettable, extend the time customers linger, attract new customers, create heightened value perception, encourage repeat business, increase sales, inspire brand loyalty, affect performance in the workplace and counteract malodors.


The New Aroma One Small Area Air Freshener

The Aroma One fan air freshener system is built for neutralizing tough airborne odors while simultaneously providing superior, linear, aroma enhancement for any small area, making it perfect for addressing restroom odors in any Southeast Florida commercial, industrial or municipal environment.


How Our Aroma Stylers Enhance South Florida Businesses

Our Aroma Stylers are the most powerful, HVAC atomizing diffuser systems in the industry today. Its technology converts liquid scent into dry vaporous, very fine micro particles, creating a virtually invisible aroma, which floats evenly across any large open interior, such as hotel lobbies, reception areas, retail venues, nightclubs and more.


Why Do South Florida Gyms Love Our Ambient Fragrances?

Gyms and fitness centers are one of many cornerstones of our client-base, and there’s a reason for that! Not only are we experts in vaporous odor control, but we have one of the most diverse arrays of proven aromas to entice, invigorate and empower gym-goers. Eucalyptus Mint, Sunshine, Twisted Apple, Lemongrass Sage and Fresh Breeze are just a few of our many scent marketing fragrances to choose from.


We Have The Most Extensive Array Of Aroma Options

By virtue of the fact we are kith and kin with a manufacturing staple of the fragrance creation industry, Alpha Aromatics, we have priority access to the most extensive collection of proven, field-tested ambient fragrances, all of which have been formulated to enhance any commercial environment or fulfill any ambient fragrance need.

Whether you want to invigorate, calm, soothe or suggest a sense of clean through ambient scent, we can accomplish any goal your company might have with our vast, curated array of aroma options.


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Scent Your South Florida Business The Right Way!

Whether you wish to enhance an indoor space with ambient scent
or you’re looking to eliminate indoor malodors,
we can solve any scenting goal you want to accomplish!

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We Care About Our Carbon Footprint

All of our products are manufactured by companies that are proud members of ISSA, the International Sanitary Supply Association, and RIFM, the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials.